Price: $300

Seller: Brandi
State: Alabama
City: Madison
Zip code: 35758
Type: Animals

These adorable little puppies are 8-12 weeks old.  The pups are a mix of toy poodle and yorkshire terrior known as Yorkie-Poo. Their cross-breed design makes their yorkie straight hair curly while still maintaining their yorkie features.  As small dogs, they are highly intelligent and very playful.  They have already been trained to use their potty-pads and play with toys instead of furniture.  Their loving nature and size also makes them excellent companions for children and seniors.  Due to their small size, they are also perfect pets for apartments or small living areas.  As adults, their stature is approximately 7lbs, 12" tall (head to floor), and 16" long (minus their tail).  These pups are a mix of boys ($300 obo) and girls ($400 obo), and are ready for a good, loving home!  Contact Brandi at .. or for details and additional pictures.