Seller: Greg Griswold
State: Alabama
City: Madison
Zip code: 53528
Type: Animals

Your pick of the litter of 10 perfectly pure chocolate Labrador Retrievers:
These guys have been all but positively mauled by my 3 kids since the moment of the birth, they love people, are extremely calm, contented and of phenomenal dispositions. Parents have awesome genetics, master hunter field champion backgrounds such that the pups are certain to be smart, inquisitive and of great potential, whether to be just your very bestest friend, a great family companion just wanting to be loved by all members of your own family, or candidates to become master hunter field champions themselves.
We were blessed with 6 females, 4 males, born July 7th, now ready to be adopted into their new homes. I'd be impossibly hard pressed to pick any one as being any more perfect from any other - they're all just about as great a potential as a wonderful Labrador Retriever puppy could possibly get. They are toilet trained and have been on solid food for 4 weeks now, so just add your love and a soft pillow, they'll return the favors in spades for the next 15 + years. . .
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Greg Griswold & family