Price: $250

State: Alabama
City: Madison
Zip code: 53936
Type: Animals

These puppies are feisty, friendly, energetic and cuddly. Their mother is a purebred Jagdterrier, and their father is a purebred short-haired, red, miniature Dachshund. They will be very small dogs. Both breeds are considered hunting animals, so the pups could be trained for small game work (crawling into burrows) or even blood tracking if you desire. In fact, the dad loves to burrow under the covers and sleep with us at night! The mom prefers sniffing along the trails and baying at raccoons. The father has a short, smooth coat, and the mother has a wiry, rough coat. There are three males that look mostly like mom (black and tan), and one male and two females that look more like dad (reddish brown with some black highlights). Born on July 25, . Females $250; Males $200. See pictures of parents and puppies at link: